Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lawrence Lessig on Barack Obama.

Lawrence Lessig, the ardent supporter of electronic rights, has a post up on his blog about why his support for Obama is based around moral courage and integrity of character. While this tack usually is less than convincing, and actually has more than a hint of boomerism, Lessig throws together a convincing argument for Barack.

He finds fault with Bill Clinton on character issues, especially on his change of face regarding supporting gays in the military. Being Lessig, of course, he holds Hillary to task over privacy rights and the Iraq war. The video's high point for me is it's use of the wayback machine to expose a bit of the strongarm tactics of the swiftboating currently aimed at Barack's opposition to the war, and his analyses of Barack's statement on republican ideas which Hillary's campaign, in a Rovean moment, mutated into an endorsement for Republicans. You can find his video, really just a narrated power point presentation, but as good an argument as any on moral issues, at his blog.

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