Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Little Off the Top.

I'm diving in. Over the course of at least the next year I hope to write 250 words a day on the topics most important in my mind. Promises such as these often have the unfortunate side effect of being unfulfilled, but I hope to at least start writing a bit more. Most of the posts will unfortunately be like this one, long-winded, pedantic, didactic, and full of faulty logic because this blog (perhaps the worst new word in the english language) is for practice writing, a digital update of the whiteboard, or perhaps a digital logbook. I hope at the end of a week my writing has improved noticeably, and that near the end of a month I'm writing more clearly and concisely, and have removed some of my literary crutches. Maybe, even, we'll throw in a little experimentation.

So, on with the show. It seems I've already broken rule number one, but, hey, I'm still learning how to bend my leg.

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